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Funders increasingly require their grant-holders to produce a Data Management Plan (DMP), both during the bid-preparation stage and after funding has been secured. A Data Management Plan helps you to manage data, meet funder requirements and help others use your research data if shared.

DMPMaastricht is provided by DataHub Maastricht to produce guidance and templates that assist researchers to produce an effective Data Management Plan to cater for the whole lifecycle of a project, from bid-preparation stage through to completion.

DMPMaastricht is based on the DMPOnline tool, developed by the UK’s Digital Curation Centre (DCC) and the University of California Curation Center (UC3).

How the tool works

There are a number of templates within the tool that represent the requirements of different funders and institutions. When creating a new plan, users are asked a number of questions first so we can determine the appropriate template to display. Guidance is provided to help you interpret and answer the questions. This guidance is provided by funders, and research support departments within your organisation.

Getting Started

If you have an account please sign in and start creating or editing your DMP.

If you do not have a DMPMaastricht account, click on 'Create account' on the homepage.

If you have a DMPonline account already and you want to transfer your DMPs to DMPMaastricht, please send an email to

Please visit the 'Help' page for guidance.

Additional Information

We are constantly improving the user interface and functionality of DMPMaastricht. If you would like to contribute with feedback and suggestions, please contact us by emailing

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