DMPMaastricht-test helps you to create, review and share data management plans. DMPMaastricht-test is based on the DMPonline tool, developed by the UK's Digital curation centre (DCC) and the University of California Curation Center (UC3) as a shared resource for the research community. DMPMaastricht-test is hosted by DataHub Maastricht and provided in collaboration with the University Library, MEMIC Maastricht, and the Clinical Trial Center Maastricht (CTCM).


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DMPMaastricht offers a DMP template for Maastricht University/Maastricht UMC+, with tailored guidance and example answers from funders and your organisation, provided by the University Library, DataHub, MEMIC and CTCM.

Most of the major grant providers are implementing a new approach to data management. The institutional DMP template that has been approved by two of the most common national grant providers: ZonMw and NWO. This template is constructed in accordance with two of the major grant providers guidelines.

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